Doreen Brisbin

Doreen was born and grew up in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. After getting married she lived all across Canada in most of our provinces and also in the Northwest Territories. These experiences have influenced her in an appreciative way of how she looks at things. There is so much beauty in our world and trying to capture it on canvas is always a challenge. She was always interested in figure skating, music, dance and art in different forms.

Doreen was only able to explore painting after moving to Calgary. She has studied painting under local artists as well as under many well known artists in Canada and the U.S. She has taken workshops from Joe Abbrescia, Neil Patterson, Jean McCowan, Doug Swinton, Rick Berg and others, as well as studying portrait painting under Monna Barrick in U.S.

She is a member of SAAA (Southern Alberta Art Alliance) and Foothills Art Club and enjoys the camaraderie and sharing of ideas with fellow artists.

Her favorite medium is oils, but she also enjoys the challenge of working in acrylics and watercolor. She prefers realism over other styles. Each piece of art is carefully crafted in hopes that the viewer will experience the same enthusiasm and joy that she has had in creating her work.


Fall in Bow Valley Cactus Blossoms Beauty and Power Centre St. Bridge, Calgary, AB View from Fortress Mountain